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Lamborghini carp-parked in club lake

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Angling Times,
19 January 2016 13:01

A fishing lake in Northamptonshire had £200,000 added to its value after a couple plunged their prized sports car into it.Members of Higham Ferrers Angling Club watched in horror as rescuers winched the 5.2-litre Lamborghini Huracán from their lake after the couple who were driving it lost control and crashed it into the water. The white-coloured supercar, which can reach ...

New weapon in fish crime fight

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Angling Times, 18 January 2016 12:54

A schoolboy has created a mobile app that allows anglers to fight crime from the bank.‘Project Poacher’ will revolutionise the way anglers can report incidents at fisheries across the UK, and is another step forward in the battle against fish thefts.Free to download on most smartphones, the app allows users to send on-the-spot reports to the police while automatically pinpointing ...

Dick Walker on your licence?

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Angling Times, 04 January 2016 15:37

Is this the iconic image that will be in the pocket of every UK angler?That’s the question being asked this week as the Environment Agency considers printing Dick Walker’s British record carp, Clarissa, on the front of the rod licence.The proposal came from Charles Walker MP, chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Angling, and was made to the ...

Giant tackle shop set for 2016 opening

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Angling Times, 15 December 2015 06:00

A giant tackle shop with floor space the size of two football pitches is set to open in the UK.The new store, on the outskirts of Newark, Notts, will be one of the biggest in England, featuring more than 12,000sq ft of tackle.The ambitious project is the brainchild of entrepreneur Tony Porter, owner of Future Fishing Ltd, who came up ...

The Big Fish winner relives his TV triumph

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Angling Times, 04 December 2015 06:00

“The Big Fish totally changed my life, as I’d never really ventured further than my local river.”So said James Stokoe, winner of the hit BBC2 series Earth’s Wildest Waters: The Big Fish. Newbrough, Northumberland-based James triumphed in the show’s dramatic finale in Zambia where he beat off competition from fellow contestants Sam and Dan in a thrilling two-day fish-off on ...

Proud Bob Church awarded well-deserved MBE

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Angling Times, 03 December 2015 06:00

Angling legend Bob Church described the moment he received his MBE at Buckingham Palace as one of his ‘proudest moments ever’.Bob received the prestigious accolade for his services to angling during an incredible career as one of the most decorated fly fishers in UK history and one of the most passionate, enthusiastic and best-loved anglers this country has ever produced.His ...

Divorced carper turns wedding bands into handy net clip

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Angling Times, 01 December 2015 06:00

A carp angler who fished so much his bored wife divorced him melted down her wedding ring to form a net clip.Alan Curtis admitted he was on the bank ‘almost every night’ before his partner ditched him. Not wishing to waste the valuable jewellery, he decided to turn the metal into a useful clip to keep his net in place ...

High street shop revival

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Angling Times, 29 November 2015 06:00

The tackle industry has been given a boost with the opening of at least five new high street businesses.Budding entrepreneurs have opened their doors in the Midlands and Manchester in an attempt to ignite a retail revival.Ryan Haye has started up RD Tackle in Brierley Hill, West Mids, after beginning by selling gear at car boot sales and online. He ...

Get 20% off an iBobber Fish Finder

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Angling Times, 24 November 2015 17:01

Have you ever wondered what’s going on in your swim? How many fish are there and how big they are? Most of the time it’s sheer guesswork, but get your hands on this week’s brilliant reader offer and you can map out your swim with pinpoint clarity and work out just what lies beneath!We’re offering 20 per cent off the ...

Ex-police join poacher fight

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Angling Times, 15 November 2015 06:00

A team of some of the UK’s top former policemen are to join the fight against illegal angling and poaching.In a project directly funded by rod licence revenue, the six, who have over 150 years of crime-fighting experience between them, have been appointed by the Angling Trust as part of its new nationwide Fisheries Enforcement Support Service.Led by Trust Fisheries ...


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