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Big Fish Off gets second series in 2016

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Angling Times,
13 April 2015 09:47

The second series of The Big Fish Off has been given the green light.As you read these words creators of the hit show are working on the next action-packed series that’s received the full backing of broadcasting giants ITV.Filming of five new episodes hosted by executive producer Ali Hamidi and Dean Macey will begin this May and will feature four ...

Club boosts silvers stocks at trio of waters

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Angling Times, 09 March 2012 11:04

The committee of a popular angling club have responded to requests from members to introduce more silverfish by spreading 1,000 bream between a trio of venues. West Yorkshire’s Todmodern AC control a variety of waters and officials have revealed that Cliviger Top Pond and Portsmouth Reservoir have welcomed 400 new fish each while Ramsden Wood has taken stock of 200 ...

Slabs dominate at top commercial

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Angling Times, 29 February 2012 16:42

A commercial complex has shocked visitors by producing a raft of specimen bream in recent weeks. The northern venue has been in great form all winter, with roach, carp and F1s providing plenty of action but these fish have been forced to play second fiddle since the mild weather arrived, with slabs up to 9lb dominating match and pleasure catches. ...

New Preston's DVD to be launched

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Angling Times, 28 November 2011 10:05

The Absolute Match Fishing television Series, hosted by Tommy Pickering, is now available on DVD. Following its huge popularity since its broadcasting on Sky Sports, the double DVD disc set is available for £9.99 and includes 30 minutes of previously unseen footage. Tommy fishes all over the country, with guest appearances from anglers such as Des Shipp at Barston Lakes, ...

Big bream water makes stunning revival

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Angling Times, 28 October 2011 10:15

A venue that was once considered to be the best bream water in the land is making a major comeback following a long lull in form. The large Midlands waterway used to draw anglers from far and wide but they eventually swapped natural fishing for commercial complexes. But it is now making a revival, with double fish coming out regularly ...

Trust ramps up anti-poaching measures

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Angling Times, 18 October 2011 11:36

The Angling Trust has this week launched a seven-point plan to tackle the ever-growing problem of poaching from English waters. The sport’s governing body is set to ramp up a number of initiatives, ranging from the establishment of a new ‘Poacher Watch’ website for reporting fish theft - in a similar way to its Cormorant Watch site - through to ...

Fishery boss says 'It's all venue owners' duty to check rod licences"

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Angling Times, 06 September 2011 11:37

‘Every fishery boss in the country should check rod licences before they are allowed to set foot on their lakes.’ These are the words of a commercial boss who insists that visitors fish within the law and will even buy a permit on behalf of any angler that turns up at his water without the necessary paperwork. David Howarth owns ...

Match legend Kevin Ashurst reveals all in exclusive AT interview

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Angling Times, 30 August 2011 11:40

Matchfishing legend and former world champion Kevin Ashurst has revealed that his drive and passion for big matches remains as strong as ever. Now aged 72, ‘Big Kev’ has given an exclusive in-depth interview to Angling Times, during which he talks at length on a wide number of issues, including his time at the top of the international match scene, ...

Big mixed bags from the Midlands

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Angling Times, 16 August 2011 09:33

London-based anglers Andrew Rowe, son Harry Rowe and friend John Dent enjoyed a very productive coarse fishing holiday in County Longford, in the Midlands region of Ireland, taking big nets of bream, hybrids, roach and tench on simple feeder and float tactics. The first-time visitors to the Emerald Isle were fishing under the guidance of experienced local guide and guest ...

Old school tactics work best for barbel

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Angling Times, 11 July 2011 10:34

“Forget pellets on the River Trent if you want to catch big nets of barbel.” That’s the advice from a group of match anglers who have been getting stunning results after breaking out the worms and casters. Fishing on the tidal stretches of the waterway around North Clifton and Laughterton, Lincoln lads Dean Smith and Alan Henry have caught 50lb-plus bags ...


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