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Solar-powered fish!

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Angling Times,
01 May 2015 09:50

A fishing club that’s used solar panels to improve sport at its flagship fishery has seen growth rates of fish increase by almost 50 per-cent.London’s The Dell Angling Society (TDAS) has admitted that the ground-breaking aeration device, that incorporates the same technology used by homeowners and farmers that transforms sunlight into environmentally friendly electricity, has turned around the fortunes of ...

Big Fish Off gets second series in 2016

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Angling Times, 13 April 2015 09:47

The second series of The Big Fish Off has been given the green light.As you read these words creators of the hit show are working on the next action-packed series that’s received the full backing of broadcasting giants ITV.Filming of five new episodes hosted by executive producer Ali Hamidi and Dean Macey will begin this May and will feature four ...

Fishery boss says 'It's all venue owners' duty to check rod licences"

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Angling Times, 06 September 2011 11:37

‘Every fishery boss in the country should check rod licences before they are allowed to set foot on their lakes.’ These are the words of a commercial boss who insists that visitors fish within the law and will even buy a permit on behalf of any angler that turns up at his water without the necessary paperwork. David Howarth owns ...

Matt Hayes back on TV - and you decide what he fishes for!

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Angling Times, 30 August 2011 11:00

Fishing celebrity Matt Hayes has this week been signed up by the Discovery Channel for a new television series. Angling Times first revealed that Matt had filmed a pilot called ‘24 Hour Rod Race’ in the Spring, and as a result of that initial recording, the project has now been commissioned for screening by Sky in 2012. And AT readers ...

Scientists to suffocate 'vermin carp'?

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Anonymous, 01 July 2011 11:46

A short-term solution to the problem of Asian carp migrating into America’s Great Lakes could be to create a two-mile long low-oxygen zone in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, which would kill all fish passing through it, scientists believe. They said that was a viable option until the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins could be separated physically from ...

FREE spool of Ultima line worth £3.95 with your new issue of Improve Your Coarse Fishing – in the shops from June 15th

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Improve Your Coarse Fishing, 14 June 2011 09:55

BREAM that think they’re carp, the ultimate barbel rig, a celebration of the start of the river season and a FREE spool of Ultima line worth £3.95 are highlights of the new Improve Your Coarse Fishing. Out on June 15 it’s packed with expert advice to help you catch more fish right now, here is a taster of what’s in ...

Jail threat for smugglers caught with £250,000 worth of carp

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Angling Times, 03 June 2011 12:00

Two men who were involved in one of the sport’s biggest cases of illegal fish smuggling could face up to two years behind bars. James Robert Selvey, a 30-year-old transport operator from Staines, Middlesex, and 51-year-old HGV driver Johan Anthony Boutkan, from Horsham, Sussex, originally pleaded guilty to two offences contrary to the Animal and Animal Products (Import and Export) ...

Get your free copy of UK Carp magazine next week

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Angling Times, 27 January 2011 14:49

Get your free UK Carp magazine inside your all new Angling Times next week! Featuring: Want to know what tactics to use this weekend – UK Carp will cut through all the jargon and give you the low-down on how to catch whatever your venue. Read in depth features from the country’s best carp anglers who exclusively reveal their secrets to consistent ...

EA ban on stocking F1s is a little too late says Keith Arthur

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Keith Arthur, 26 November 2010 14:00

It is a bizarre decision by the EA to refuse Neil Grantham the right to stock more F1s into his superb fishery. I could understand it if it had already prevented him from stocking F1s and F2s (mirror carp reared for the table in Israel) but it hadn't. From what I have been told the EA granted permission because the ...

Keith Arthur: Angling's future is a world full of carp

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Keith Arthur, 08 October 2010 16:30

Reading what Russ Fowler, formerly of Goldthorpe Angling, now Fishing Republic and Richard Foster, boss of Fosters of Birmingham have to say, there is no doubt that commercial fisheries have saved angling. Or have they? I’m sure that FR make far more on 300kg of pellets than they would on 200 gallons of maggots. The profit margin is probably much ...


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