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3lb 12oz roach earns place in history books

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Angling Times,
25 January 2016 15:23

The only bite of a five-month campaign to catch a huge redfin resulted in Josh Fisher banking one of the biggest river roach ever caught.Weighing 3lb 12oz, it’s a fish that the experienced all-rounder has spent four years targeting. In that time he has dedicated thousands of hours in his quest to bank a roach over the magical 3lb mark.All ...

Early bird catches 2lb-plus river roach

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Angling Times, 21 January 2016 06:00

A river roach over the 2lb mark is on the hit list of many anglers, so Lee Chandler was celebrating when he landed this 2lb 4oz specimen.He arrived on the banks of a small southern river before it was light, and the fish of a lifetime made an appearance on his very first cast.He used traditional tactics including a centrepin ...

Birthday gift roach

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Angling Times, 05 January 2016 11:52

Andrew Mussellwhite enjoyed a birthday present to remember with this personal-best 2lb 4oz river roach.The Hampshire angler headed to a stretch of the River Itchen to celebrate his 38th birthday, where he set his stall out to target the waterway’s silverfish shoals.He fed the swim with maggots for 20 minutes, then the Winchester rod trotted a 2g Drennan Avon float ...

Weather no obstacle to river roach

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Angling Times, 20 December 2015 06:00

Severe weather cuts many fishing sessions short, but James Denison battled the wind and rain to bank this immaculate 2lb 10oz roach. Fishing a centrepin outfit on an undisclosed stretch of a southern river, the electrician trotted a single maggot hookbait after initially putting down a bed of loosefeed. “The bite came around 30 minutes before dusk and was from ...

More anglers join 2lb roach hall of fame

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Angling Times, 05 December 2015 06:00

To catch a 2lb river roach is seen as ‘the holy grail’ for many anglers but to catch one on float tackle is special – this week two anglers joined this exclusive club.Roach fanatic Billy McDonald used traditional trotting tactics with stick float and maggot on the River Test at Timsbury to bank a haul of big roach topped by ...

3lb 8oz Broads roach biggest of the year

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Angling Times, 16 November 2015 15:22

The biggest roach of 2015 and a handful of huge river specimens have kick-started the season for one of the nation’s favourite species.This 3lb 8oz example was caught from the prolific Broads system by carp angler Jake Baxter. He had the surprise of his life when the only bite following eight gruelling sessions on Oulton Broad in Lowestoft, Suffolk, produced ...

2lb 12oz roach best

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Angling Times, 29 October 2015 06:00

This 2lb 12oz roach was the highlight of a roach fishing session for Alan Storey.A visit to a southern stillwater produced around 80 roach for the Oxford specialist, who alternated maggot and groundbait feeders at 50yds with maggot hookbaits flavoured with Nash Baits’ Tangerine Dream.He backed it up with a three redfins of 2lb 4oz, 2lb 2oz and 2lb 1oz, ...

Close to home for four 2lb river roach

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Angling Times, 26 October 2015 14:54

Roach fishing fanatic Mike Townsend made the catch of a lifetime when he banked four river redfins over 2lb on float tackle.The specialist from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, has spent the last 15 years travelling to some of the south’s most famous roach fisheries to satisfy his obsession with catching specimens of the species.But he struck gold when a waterway just ...

Bread tempts 2lb roach

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Angling Times, 14 October 2015 06:00

Iain McDonald demonstrated that traditional tactics still have their place in an angler’s armoury when he slipped the net under this 2lb roach.The Kent angler tempted the prime specimen from his local stretch of river using a tactic known as stret pegging, which involves setting your rig well overdepth with a heavy shot close to the hook so that the ...

500 sessions for 2lb roach

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Angling Times, 16 September 2015 06:00

More than 500 sessions in search of a big river roach finally ended in success for Phil Taylor when he banked this immaculate personal best specimen on the float.The Skegness angler set his heart on landing a redfin over 2lb four years ago and has been visiting local rivers several times a week in an attempt achieve his goal.His latest ...


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