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Legal culls need to happen or angling will pay the price

rating is 4.5

Steve Partner,
14 January 2011 16:00

I read with interest last week’s feature on what the stars of the sport hoped to see in 2011. Nearly every single one of the 10 questioned had cormorants in their sites. Now it might be fairly obvious that most anglers, regardless of profile, don’t like this fish-eating plague, but for so many big names to single them out without ...

Match fisherman make most of us anglers look like wimps!

rating is 4.5

Steve Partner, 24 December 2010 15:00

In this Arctic weather they are an inspiration to all of us Take a long look at this photograph. Analyse it carefully - study the detail. Admire the statuesque pose of the anglers, the symmetrically cut rectangles in the ice, the bleak mid-winter light, the snow-covered ground that masks where earth gives way to water. Stare long enough and you can ...

The real angling 'awards' of 2010

rating is 4

Steve Partner, 17 December 2010 15:30

This week Angling Times reveals details of the 2010 Angling Awards. But what about the stories that escaped under the radar? Here are my alternative choices The most obvious story of the year Winner: The demise of the Willis Worms £50k match.Despite assurances that a ‘secret millionaire’ was backing the scheme, the match disappeared amid a puff of smoke when anglers ...

Stop moaning about commercial fisheries - they have saved angling!

rating is 4

Steve Partner, 10 December 2010 12:30

I have made no secret of the fact that I don’t really like commercial fisheries, says Angling Times' Steve Partner. Some, as far as I can see, are little more than featureless holes in the ground that are stocked to such a ridiculous level a group of blind monkeys could stage a competitive match. Anywhere that is capable of producing ...

Removing pike from Chew Reservoir is the only answer

rating is 4

Steve Partner, 03 December 2010 15:00

My guess is that Bob Handford, fisheries and recreation manager at Chew Reservoir, doesn’t own a tin hat. But he’d better get one. And sharpish. In announcing that he plans to reduce the number of pike currently munching their way through his trout stocks, he has, in some people’s eyes, put himself in pole position for this year’s award for ...

The hunt is on for the best angling TV show...

rating is 4

Steve Partner, 26 November 2010 12:00

It must be a bloke thing, but I love making lists. Not shopping ones I hasten to add, but ask me to draw up my favourite anglers, fish or, in this case, TV shows and I’m like a kid in a sweet shop. Working out who’s better than who is always great fun. It’s also the ultimate in vanity journalism - ...

Steve Partner: This is the face of modern fishing

rating is 4

Steve Partner, 12 November 2010 16:30

So, Robson Green is back on our screens. Back on Channel 5 and back to stir up the kind of controversy not normally associated with programmes about men holding fishing rods. Millions will tune in to watch his unique brand of delivery, his enthusiastic, Gordon Ramsay-esque, use of the F-word and his habit of man-handling fish before attacking them with ...

Steve Partner: Forcing us to kill record fish is simply a scandal

rating is 5

Steve Partner, 29 October 2010 16:30

Sometimes you really do wonder what dim and distant past many of the idiots who control angling are living in. The dark ages? Don’t make me laugh. These bozos are that backward they could be Australian.  Just take the out-dated and barbaric rules that prevent Wayne Little, captor of a blue shark estimated at 222lb 8oz, from claiming a place ...

Steve Partner: We are being conned over otter 'evidence'

rating is 3.5

Steve Partner, 22 October 2010 16:00

So let me get this absolutely straight. Despite all the stories, all the deaths, all the headlines, and, above everything else, all the evidence provided by some of angling’s biggest names, the Government has decided there is, once and for all, not a problem with otters in this country. Forget it, guys, we’ve been told. Time to move on. Old ...

Steve Partner: Fishing doesn't need cyber Forum cowards

rating is 4

Steve Partner, 15 October 2010 15:30

I really can’t work out what I think about internet forums. Are they home to thriving communities populated by like-minded individuals who share and debate information that make their hobby a richer experience? Or are they the domain of spineless - and often nameless - trouble-makers hell-bent on making mischief? Like I said, I’m not sure which. Mark Lloyd, head of the ...


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