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New Matrix Superbox 36

rating is 3

Angling Times, 30 March 2015 16:34

Here is a detailed look at the new Matrix Superbox 36, which as the name suggests is our new seatbox with 36mm legs. If you're looking for the ultimate in seatbox design, then this may well be the answer to your prayers...Scroll down to watch the video below...    

How to tackle up for micro jig fishing

rating is 3.5

Angling Times, 25 March 2015 11:34

Here is a helpful video for those of you that wish to master the art of tackling up for Micro Jig fishing...

Warren Martin's top winter fishing tips

rating is 3

Angling Times, 09 March 2015 16:10

Former Fish 'o' Mania Champion, Warren Martin, reveals 5 of his very best tips to help you keep catching in the cold...Scroll down to watch the video...

Monster crucian carp - biggest ever on film

rating is 3.5

Angling Times, 23 February 2015 10:23

A record-shaking crucian carp has been discovered at a day-ticket fishery not previously known for its stock of the species.The enormous specimen, weighing 4lb 7oz, is just two ounces short of the UK record and was found during a routine netting operation on Shropshire’s Blakemere Leisure which is a popular specimen carp fishing venue.It’s a discovery that came about when venue ...

New Matrix 3D 6 Box Side Tray & Side Tray Cover

rating is 3.5

Angling Times, 06 January 2015 11:20

Check out this new video from Matrix on the new 3D 6 Box Side Tray & Side Tray Cover...

Steve Ringer's Life In Angling

rating is 3.5

Angling Times, 22 December 2014 09:12

Rarely a year goes by when Steve Ringer doesn't win a big event, but 2014 saw him win the king of them all.His World Feeder Champs individual crown went with team gold and yet another White Acres Festival title - smaller wonder, then, that he was voted match angler of the year by our readers! Polling over 65 per cent ...

How to catch big carp on maggots from a commercial

rating is 3

Angling Times, 20 September 2014 09:00

Andy Kidd has been taking his local commercial snake lake apart catching masses of carp using pints of mixed maggots. The lake contains a huge amount of smaller fish, such as roach, but his feeding technique ensures that the roach don't really get a look in and each time the float goes under, it's another carp on the end. The ...

How to use sloppy groundbait

rating is 3

Angling Times, 02 August 2014 10:31

An angler who has bagged four match wins in a fortnight and landed almost 600lb in the process has revealed that feeding a deadly sloppy groundbait mix whips the carp shoals into a feeding frenzy. Leigh Tackle and Bait ace Chris Weeder Jnr has dominated events at Blundells Fishery since he devised the cunning approach, so to find out more ...

How to fly fish for big pike

rating is 3

Angling Times, 05 July 2014 11:05

Fly fishing for pike is the fastest growing tactic in the UK, with interest rocketing by more than 100 per cent in the last season. Tackle shop figures show a huge boom in this fishing style as more and more companies develop gear specifically designed for the species. The popularity is driven by the sheer size of pike that live ...

How to catch big margin carp

rating is 3.5

Angling Times, 31 May 2014 10:59

Mega-weight match angler Steve Gregory has developed a new pellet crumb feed and sieve pot system which 'swishes' in the water to create the ultimate carp-attracting cloud. The deadly new combination recently helped him to victory in the Solhampton Fishery May Festival for the second year running, where he banked 632lb of carp in a week, averaging 126lb of fish ...


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