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New Fox Warrior Spin Rods

rating is 0

Angling Times, 01 May 2015 16:04

Designed for newcomers and lure anglers on tight budget's this new range of Warrior Spin rods have been built to high standards with quality fixtures and fittings to give you unrivaled value for money! Starting at just £29.99! Scroll down to watch the video...    

How to tackle up for micro jig fishing

rating is 3.5

Angling Times, 25 March 2015 11:34

Here is a helpful video for those of you that wish to master the art of tackling up for Micro Jig fishing...

Massive perch caught by Alan Stagg

rating is 2

Angling Times, 08 November 2011 10:08

Here's a chance to see a short video of Alan Stagg's impressively massive 5lb 4oz perch caught recently from a commercial carp water. The top specimen hunter fulfilled his dream of catching a monster perch this winter on his very first trip targeting the species when he landed this huge fish topping the scales at 5lb 4oz. A cunning balanced ...

How to fish a tidal river - Part 1

rating is 2.5

Angling Times, 19 October 2011 21:00

Have you ever wanted to try fishing a tidal river, but don't know how or what tackle you need? The Angling Times met up with tidal river fan Nick Gilbert to find out how he catches so many fish in the ever-changing tidal River Medway. In this short video, we quizzed Nick to see what tactics work best, what sort ...

New Tri-Cast John Allerton float rod

rating is 4

Angling Times, 11 July 2011 09:57

John Allerton won countless fishing matches using stick and waggler floats which he guided with a dexterity that defied belief. The subtle fish-playing qualities of a fine three-piece match rod are wasted on many modern day commercial match anglers, so the chances of them coughing up for one that carries a £200-plus price tag are remote, to say the least. ...

How to catch silverfish at Castle Ashby

rating is 3

Angling Times, 26 April 2011 13:51

Matchman Kevin Folwell has banked an incredible 645 silverfish in his last two matches at Castle Ashby, amounting to a total of 123lb. His winning approach centres around targeting the roach, rudd and perch which have moved close to the margins of the Northampton venue's Grendon Pond to spawn, shunning the standard tactic adopted by many of casting a feeder ...


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