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How to tackle up for micro jig fishing

rating is 3.5

Angling Times, 25 March 2015 11:34

Here is a helpful video for those of you that wish to master the art of tackling up for Micro Jig fishing...

How to catch silverfish at Castle Ashby

rating is 3

Angling Times, 26 April 2011 13:51

Matchman Kevin Folwell has banked an incredible 645 silverfish in his last two matches at Castle Ashby, amounting to a total of 123lb. His winning approach centres around targeting the roach, rudd and perch which have moved close to the margins of the Northampton venue's Grendon Pond to spawn, shunning the standard tactic adopted by many of casting a feeder ...

How to float fish for big river perch

rating is 3

Improve Your Coarse Fishing, 23 June 2009 16:19

Ever wondered what would be the best and most instant method for catching big river perch? Improve Your Coarse Fishing editor Kevin Green and Angling Times editor Richard Lee found out exactly what that method is when they took a little time out to tackle a local river lock. Rather than sit it out with the usual specialist tackle and ...


rating is 3

Anonymous, 29 April 2008 13:58

hello my name is jordan dolan and i like fishing a lot. i go fishing with my uncal and his m8 derek. here are a few of the pictures of the fish i and ma uncal n derek have caught.

How to tie a pole rig

rating is 3.5

Improve Your Coarse Fishing, 07 March 2008 10:51

Having the know-how to create customised pole rigs can put you streets ahead when tackling various venues. You can build a rig to exactly your requirements, making it the perfect presentation for the depth and species you are trying to catch. In this short video we show you what you will need and how to go about tying the perfect ...


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