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New Matrix Superbox 36

rating is 3

Angling Times, 30 March 2015 16:34

Here is a detailed look at the new Matrix Superbox 36, which as the name suggests is our new seatbox with 36mm legs. If you're looking for the ultimate in seatbox design, then this may well be the answer to your prayers...Scroll down to watch the video below...    

How to use sweetcorn

rating is 3.5

Improve Your Coarse Fishing, 25 November 2014 13:07

Sweetcorn has caught more fish over the years than almost any other bait. It is one of those bait that fish adore, especially in the cooler months when its bright colour helps it to stand out in the water. One expert with corn is Jonny Watt. Jonny is a real thinking angler and as well as using it straight out of ...

How to use meatballs

rating is 3.5

Improve Your Coarse Fishing, 22 November 2014 09:32

Normally associated with catching barbel from rivers, huge meatballs are a brilliant bait for commercial carp too, as match ace Matt Pillay has found. When tackling commercial waters where large 'target' baits work, a single hair-rigged meatball can be a devastatingly effective bait to use. The soft and strongly-scented meat is loved by carp of all sizes, including those monsters ...

How to use a groundbait feeder

rating is 3.5

Improve Your Coarse Fishing, 29 September 2014 11:40

Become a much better groundbait feeder angler with our superb video guide to using the right groundbait and fishing with open-end and cage feeders. In this video - part four in a very extensive groundbait video series - we talk through a stack of tips to help you catch more when fishing with groundbait via a feeder. Find out how ...

How to catch big carp on maggots from a commercial

rating is 3

Angling Times, 20 September 2014 09:00

Andy Kidd has been taking his local commercial snake lake apart catching masses of carp using pints of mixed maggots. The lake contains a huge amount of smaller fish, such as roach, but his feeding technique ensures that the roach don't really get a look in and each time the float goes under, it's another carp on the end. The ...

How to use sloppy groundbait

rating is 3

Angling Times, 02 August 2014 10:31

An angler who has bagged four match wins in a fortnight and landed almost 600lb in the process has revealed that feeding a deadly sloppy groundbait mix whips the carp shoals into a feeding frenzy. Leigh Tackle and Bait ace Chris Weeder Jnr has dominated events at Blundells Fishery since he devised the cunning approach, so to find out more ...

How to catch big margin carp

rating is 3.5

Angling Times, 31 May 2014 10:59

Mega-weight match angler Steve Gregory has developed a new pellet crumb feed and sieve pot system which 'swishes' in the water to create the ultimate carp-attracting cloud. The deadly new combination recently helped him to victory in the Solhampton Fishery May Festival for the second year running, where he banked 632lb of carp in a week, averaging 126lb of fish ...

Steve Ringer's Skills School - How to catch more with meat

rating is 3

Angling Times, 29 April 2014 15:46

In this exclusive Angling Times video, match ace Steve Ringer reveals the tricks and tips you need to catch more carp this season using meat.Filmed at the famous Makins Fishery, Steve shows you how to tackle the far bank of a snake lake or island swim on the pole as well as his simple rig and deadly feeding skills.You'll also ...

How to catch carp using polony sausage

rating is 3

Angling Times, 07 March 2014 13:22

To keep catching carp in the colder months requires something a little bit special, and that's just what regulars at Lincolnshire's Moon Lakes have found to keep those bites coming thick and fast. They have been catching on one of the cheapest supermarket baits available, and have been having great hauls of early spring carp using as little as 10p worth of ...

How to mix a carp Method feeder mix

rating is 3

Improve Your Coarse Fishing, 21 October 2013 10:43

Method feeder fishing groundbaits tend to attract the average stamp of carp in any commercial stillwater. Why? Simply because the carp tend to have seen them all before, smelt them all before, and have tasted them all before. So, in order to attract and catch the much bigger carp that might be swimming around the lake, something extra special has ...


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