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Peatling Pools

Address: Bruntingthorpe Road, Peatling Parva, England
Phone number: 07860 434444
Number of lakes/pegs Three lakes
Prices Adults £6 for one rod, £8 for two rods, concessions £4 one rod, £6 for two. Concessions available weekdays only
Opening times 6am to dusk, seven days a week
Directions Bruntingthorpe Road, Peatling Parva

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Venue information

Three pools for pleasure and matches up to 15 anglers A well-established small fishery developed over 30 years ago on the site of a spring-fed peat bog, Peatling Pools has three pools that offer pleasure fishing and pegs for club matches of up to 15 anglers. It is open from 6.00am until dusk seven days a week.

The two largest pools are Malcolm Pool and Magna Pool, although the smaller Parva Pool is also well worth fishing.  Although Malcolm Pool is the most popular, all three hold good heads of mirror, common, ghost and crucian carp.

There is a good head of carp in the 12lb to 15lb range, plus decent stocks of roach, bream, rudd and perch to an impressive 5lb and some barbel and tench.

Match weights to 100lb are not uncommon, while the average probably run between 30lb and 50lb, depending on the weather.

Just over half-an-acre in size, with a small island at the car park end, Malcolm Pool is an attractive reed-lined water with an average depth of about 5ft, but with holes varying between 8ft and 12ft deep ¬ making it worth plumbing the depth.

There is plenty of bankside vegetation to give cover for anglers.

Popular techniques are fishing the waggler, feeder or straight ledger tackle, either in the margins or towards the island. It is also popular with pole anglers who can get close to overhanging features and by the weeds without the danger of becoming snagged.

Venue Info

Day tickets:  Adults £6 (one rod) and £8 (two rods), concessions £4 (one rod) and £6 (two rods). Concessionary tickets available weekdays only.
Address: Bruntingthorpe Road, Peatling Parva, nr Lutterworth, Leics
Tel: 07860 434444  or website
Bans: No keepnets, groundbait only in feeders, no Method feeders, boilies, trout pellets, nuts or tinned dog and catmeat.
Facilities:  Car parking.


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Friday, 29 July 2016