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Haverholme Park Coarse Fishing

Address: Ewerby, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England
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Haverholme Park Coarse Fishing


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pikeypete says

RE: Haverholme Park, Ewerby, Sleaford

Haverholme is not just a baging water, some days it can be quite hard. But what's the challenge if it's always easy? Dave Gash, top bloke always got good tips, go on,give it a try!!

01 October 2008 19:18


Wagglebag says

Doorstep Dream

You'd have to drive a long way away from the Sleaford area to find a more prolific lake in the summer, many carp now have packed on the weight in last couple of years. It's £5 day ticket but matches usually every Wednesday. There's a few Carp to 30lb+ with good Tench and some Bream, but mostly Carp between 3 to 4lb up to many many doubles now. Top man baliff and Matchman Dave Gash gives useful tips on all methods/pegs. No silly rules here, only bloodworm banned and no floating baits before 2pm with keepnets only between 9am and 4pm.

15 December 2007 13:12


reward badge

4207 says


Also offers you yards of disgarded line and other rubbish
Fishing is good but you need the right peg

26 October 2007 15:20

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