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Moorland Coarse Fisheries

Address: Etang du Roivre, 71240, La Chapelle de Bragny, Burgundy, France. Europe
Phone number: +33 385 922 953
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Etang du roivre is a fifteen acre lake set in our own 33 acre estate which in turn is situated in the middle of the renowned, beautiful Burgundy region of France. The lake is over three hundred years old and has only been fished since early 2002 before which it had been kept as a nature reserve. It is now a French carp fishing holiday venue with a superb stock of very big fish.

The entire site is securely fenced to two metres high and you can relax in safety while being able to watch the likes of pine-martens, stoats, weasels, red-kites, buzzards, falcons, wild deer and many more native animals. Outside of the boundary there are just miles of farmland and forest and no road, railway or industrial noises to spoil the tranquillity.

The lake offers every type of carp fishing from open water; baited patches through to stalking in the margins with float tackle against the reed stems. There are 20 swims, but a limit of 12 anglers per week so there is always plenty of swims to move to if you need.

The price for an angler to stay is £385.00 per week and this includes a full cooked English breakfast and 2-course evening meal every day.

The price for a non-fishing guest is £160.00 per week and this also includes a full cooked English breakfast and 2-course evening meal every day.


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Moorland Coarse Fisheries


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Saturday, 30 July 2016