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By admin

10 December 2007 09:47

Could you please explain how to tie a Method feeder onto a mainline?


By Anonymous

Basically, Method feeders should not be tied onto the line at all – they ought to be threaded on and trapped in place using a swivel that is gently forced into the in-line tubing of the Method feeder. In most cases, size eight swivels fit the tubing perfectly. Using a Method feeder in this way ensures that the heavy feeder can slide off the mainline if a breakage occurs, therefore the fish isn’t left with the feeder dangling from its mouth. There are two ways to attach a Method feeder. One is to fish the feeder in-line style, and the other is to fish it helicopter style. Both are just as effective as each other. To fish a Method feeder in-line, simply thread your mainline through the feeder, tie on a swivel, push the swivel inside the feeder’s tubing and then attach your hooklength to the other end of the swivel. To fish one helicopter style you will need to select a feeder having a tapered tail rubber protruding from its front. Thread your mainline through a swivel, then through the feeder from the tail rubber end first. Tie a swivel to the end of your mainline and then push it inside the feeder to secure it to your line. Now tie your hooklength to the uppermost swivel and push the swivel over the tail rubber until it’s secure and forms a 90 degree angle to the mainline.


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