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By admin

10 December 2007 09:21

When polefishing, how long should I have the line to my float?


By Anonymous

The length of line you use varies and it depends upon the venue you are fishing, and the wind speed. You could use as little as 12in of line when trying to hit fast bites, on a calm day, when fishing a stillwater. In normal conditions, when tackling a stillwater, around 2ft is about right as this will give you a little leeway when the pole tip is being bounced around when a breeze knocks it. Using a little longer line can really help when fishing with your pole at its full length because it’s nigh on impossible to hold a pole absolutely still all the time. Use as short a length of line as you can when fishing tight to snags because you need to be able to react instantly to a bite to prevent the fish from reaching the snag and smashing your rig. When river fishing, use a much longer length of line – anything up to a few metres – as this will enable you to run your rig downstream in a straight, natural line. You will need to break your pole down at a much longer length when fishing in this style though, so you can easily land your fish.


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