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By hendrix

09 February 2008 09:13

What's the best rig set-up to use on a 3 metre whip, as I've never used one before?


By Anonymous

You will need to use a short pole rig, available pre-tied from all good tackle shops.

The shotting pattern of the rig will depend upon the depth of the venue you are fishing, and the species you are trying to catch.

You will need a rig that is slightly less than 3m long, because when you hook a small fish you should lift the whip upwards so that the fish swings directly into your hand, therefore the rig ought to be about 12in shorter than the length of the whip.

Whips are designed for catching small fish at speed - like bleak, gudgeon, little roach, rudd, perch and skimmers, therefore no elastic is used - the very thin tip of the whip helps absorb the fight of the fish.

This means that the rig should be tied directly to the tip of the whip.


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