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Fishing is not only pleasurable, it's an adventure! You get to visit loads of new places, explore new rivers, lakes and maritime environments. It could be simply relaxing on the bank watching and waiting for a small float to bob up and down, waiting for a Pike to smash into your lure or chasing Bonefish from a skiff in Cuba. Sometimes the journey to your venue can be a simple stroll, other times it could be a long journey that takes you through some spectacular scenery. There's even the possibility that you need to trek to your chosen venue, for example a hill loch or remote river that requires some navigation. Whatever the scenario, with fishing, there's always the potential for adventure and to create valuable memories.

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To experience these new adventures for yourself or with family and friends, you don't need to break the bank to buy some simple yet effective fishing tackle. For example you could be on family camping trip near the sea shore or a lake; next to a pier where there are plenty of species to go after; or live near a commercial coarse of fly fishery where you can spend a few hours in the great outdoors. In each of these scenarios, having some rudimentary gear is all you need, and if you are a beginner, simplicity is key. It's easy to get bamboozled by all the latest fishing tackle developments and terminology. Having some knowledge is helpful if you want to get by however not necessary if you are to have a memorable experience. Case in point is the Mackerel season. During this period there is an abundance of fish - in most cases - where they migrate to the warmer sea temperatures in the UK to feed on Plankton and small Baitfish. Having a 9ft or 10ft spinning rod, some 15-20lb line and few silver lures, Mackerel feathers and some lead weights is all you need. Obviously you need to have some rudimentary knowledge of setting the rod up and tying knots etc but once you've grasped those basics, there is a wide variety of maritime environments to explore: off rocks, piers, sea lochs, even from the sea shore!

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If knowledge is a barrier then you can rely on Fishingmegastore to give you the basic knowledge and skills to enjoy a days fishing - safely! Instore there are plenty of helpful staff who are experienced anglers that have fished all over the UK for all different kinds of species - in fact, most of the staff have fished all over the world! And with more and more families holidaying in the UK, there is greater pressure on parents to come up with ideas for days out. Fishing is high on the list so Fishingmegastore get an ever increasing number of beginners who wish to start fishing and want to know about beginner fishing kits and kits to start fishing. Luckily they have a wide selection of starter kits available and the expertise to teach you the basics. However if you can't make it to the store, they have a very helpful team who are just a phone call away who can help and advise you on the best tackle for your budget. The priority is getting you out there and enjoying your fishing.

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Fishingmegastore have always been committed to introducing kids and adults to the sport of fishing. Fishingmegastore Champions the Angling Trust as they are deeply passionate about environmental conservation of our waterways and creating sustainable fisheries. In fact, Fishingmegastore supports Get Hooked on Fishing which is a charity that helps create opportunities for young people through the sport of fishing. They also support GHOF's family fishing initiative where they provide fishing tackle so that families and kids can enjoy the simple pleasure of catching their first fish. There are sessions all over the UK including London, Bolton, Glasgow, Liverpool and Newcastle to name but a few, and in each case you just need to turn up, be ready for a great day and all the gear is provided. From commercial coarse fisheries to estuaries and Trout fisheries, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

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If you want to progress and commit to spending money on some gear for yourself or family member, then there's plenty of great kits to cater for a multitude of fishing situations and abilities and Fishingmegastore is your one stop shop. Additionally, if you want to actually meet the biggest names in fishing today, you can do so during Fishingmegastore's Famous Open Weekend. Held Bi-annually in March and September, it's the biggest free fishing event in the UK and for the thousands of anglers who attend, it symbolises the start and end of the season. During the event, anglers travel far and wide and converge on the store to meet the biggest names in fishing including Matt Hayes, Paul Young, John Wilson, Hywel Morgan, Mick Brown, Mike Thrussell and Anthony Glascoe Jnr to name but a few. Most of these names feature regularly on TV and write for the UK's leading fishing publications including Angling Times, Sea Angler, Trout Fisherman, Trout and Salmon and Improve your Coarse Fishing. If you manage to attend one of Fishingmegastore's Open Weekends, you even have the chance to chat with these big names and ask them questions about technique, tactics or fishing in general. You can even get their autograph or grab a selfie with them! As an angler, it's one of the most valuable events in the fishing calendar because you don't just get to meet your fishing idol, you also get to pick up some amazing bargains.

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Fishing is a pleasurable activity and with some careful planning, sensible choice of venue and an awareness of the risks, you can have a safe and enjoyable experience. There are so many options available to fish in the UK and abroad and a lifetime adventure lies ahead. It can take you to places you never knew existed, create valuable memories for you and your friends and helps you connect with and respect nature. Whatever your chosen fishing adventure, having the right fishing kit is useful but appreciating the simplicity that can be found in fishing is just as important.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016