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Three ways to hook a grain of sweetcorn

If you want to get the best from sweetcorn when you are fishing with it you ought to know how to hook it correctly as that will ensure that the hook hits home every time you strike your rig. There are three ways to hook sweetcorn - two involve placing it directly on the hook, the other is to hair-rig ...

  • Advice
  • 23 November 2009

Fishing with liquidised sweetcorn

If you are looking for an edge when fishing a commercial carp water during spring, summer, autumn or winter, you will do well by fishing a grain of corn directly over the top of a cloud of liquidised sweetcorn. Mushed up grains of sweetcorn are absolutely deadly on some commercial waters due to two reasons. Firstly the crushed up kernels ...

  • Advice
  • 23 November 2009

Our guide to successful fishing on winter commercial carp waters

Here’s our extensive fishing guide to help you keep on catching on pole, waggler and feeder on commercial carp fisheries during the colder winter months.It’s packed with handy hints, tips and advice – and lots of links to exclusive and free videos - that is sure to keep your float going under and your quivertip slamming around.So, whatever style of ...

  • Advice
  • 20 November 2009

Guide to stick floats for river fishing

CATCHING fish on a stick float is one of the most thrilling forms of river fishing, with roach, dace, chub and barbel the main target species. There are numerous types of stick float on the market made from different materials and with different-shaped sight tips. However, all are designed to be attached ‘top and bottom’ with silicone rubber and are ‘trotted’ through ...

  • Advice
  • 10 November 2009

How to fill your groundbait feeder

Filling a groundbait feeder with crumb and feed isn't simply a case of shoving the feeder into the groundbait mix - there's a little more to is than that... You need to fill the feeder in such a way that the groundbait leaves the feeder easily, but also remains inside the feeder when you cast it. Here's a few simple ...

  • Advice
  • 14 September 2009

How to make your luncheon meat more attractive by sweetening it

Carp absolutely love luncheon meat, so fishing with cubes or torn strips of meat can prove deadly on most commercial carp waters. Tench, bream and barbel love it too. But, most anglers know how effective luncheon meat can be, and after many months of meat being used on a venue the fish can switch off to it. Many anglers refer ...

  • Advice
  • 20 July 2009

How to boost meat bait by powdering it

Sometimes the usual shop-bought luncheon meat won't produce fish like it used to, and that's probably because anglers have been using it on the same venue week in week out and have caught loads of fish on it. The fish aren't daft - they will soon wise up to the fact that if they suck up a particular bait they ...

  • Advice
  • 14 July 2009

Buying, mixing and using groundbait

Groundbait is the perfect attractor for most fish. A carefully placed ball or two of the right groundbait can increase the chance of fish being attracted and drawn straight to your hookbait tenfold. Years ago groundbait consisted of simply breadcrumbs. Now the fish have never had it so good, with all manner of fantastic ingredients used in the formulation of ...

  • Advice
  • 09 February 2009

Particles, seeds and pulses – great fishing baits for big fish

Particles, pulses and seeds are excellent baits to attract bigger fish. They are a little specialised and often don’t bring instant success, but if you are considering a fairly long-term baiting campaign, or are planning a weekend session they could provide you with great results.   Preparing particles, seeds and pulses It cannot be stressed strongly enough that almost all ...

  • Advice
  • 30 January 2009

Hemp seed and tares – great for barbel and roach fishing

What is hemp seed? You may have read about hemp, often referred to in old books as ‘the demon seed’. It was for a long time extremely controversial and banned on a lot of waters but in recent times, anglers have come to see hemp for what it is – a deadly coarse fish catcher. Hempseed is the seed of ...

  • Advice
  • 29 January 2009


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