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Maximise your fishing in winter by understanding the weather

In the first of our three-part guide to winter fishing Dave ‘Michael Fish’ Woodmansey shows how to maximise your chances by keeping an eye on what’s happening in the sky AT THIS time of year the weather can be the single biggest factor in deciding if you’ll have a good day’s fishing – or suffer a bad one. Weather conditions ...

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  • 01 February 2012

Choose the right venue, species and swim to suit the winter conditions

WATER TEMPERATURE A rapid fall in water temperature is the worst scenario for winter fishing. Fish hate rapid temperature change and, when a sudden cold snap kicks in, most species tend to go right off the feed. Improve Your Coarse Fishing’s columnist and top fishery scientist Dr Mark Burdass says: “When water temperature falls below 4ºC most of our coarse ...

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  • 06 December 2010

Catching silver fish shallow using the strangest pole fishing rig ever

John Weeden’s silverfish pole fishing tactics and the pole fishing rigs he uses really are bizarre! Incorporating a rig with a three-foot pole ‘float’, the Maver match ace regularly takes roach bags well in excess of 30lb. Crude-looking, highly unconventional, downright strange, but devilishly effective when it comes to catching rudd and roach, John’s three-foot float rig is actually a ...

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  • 24 September 2010

How barbel feed and react to bait underwater

Stuart Walker and Bob Roberst have travelled half way round the world chasing big fish. From the Cauvery river in southern India to the Nepalese border in the Himalayas; from the Nubian desert to the Canadian Rockies, they’ve chased fish and shared untold adventures. Here's their story concentrating on the life of river barbel, told by Bob Roberts It was on one ...

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  • 21 September 2010

The ultimate guide to polefishing with catmeat

Catmeat is one of the most effective summer commercial carp baits. Everything that we anglers dislike about catfood – the smell, the mess, greasy and oily texture – is absolutely adored by fish. Especially carp. Add this to the fact that catmeat comes prepackaged in fantastic carp-attracting flavours like pilchard, tuna, salmon and sardine, and it’s easy to see why ...

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  • 27 July 2010


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