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Big-pit reels vs. Freespool reels

Reels are among the most expensive items a carper will buy, so picking the right one is crucial. We’ve pitted the two main styles against each other to help you decide BIG-PIT REELSSTYLE OVER SUBSTANCE?Big-pit reels, so called due to their original deployment on large gravel pits, are the Hummers of the carping world. Big and brash, they are far ...

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  • 16 April 2015

How to catch big carp in the margins

Warren Martin shows why it pays to have several different baiting approaches up your sleeve when fishing for big summer carp ‘down the edge’  There are generally two schools of thought when it comes to fishing the margins for commercial carp. The first, and perhaps more traditional tactic, is to use a mixture of fairly big particle baits, such as ...

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  • 15 April 2015

Are you using the right boilie?

Selecting the right size, colour and type of boilie for the situation being faced can be a difficult decision. We enlisted Iain Macmillan to help dispel the confusion Boilies are carp fishing’s number one bait, and by a considerable distance too.As a result, today’s tackle shops boast a bewlidering array of these hugely popular baits on their shelves, with just ...

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  • 02 April 2015

Guide to carp leads

They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures, and each one is designed for a specific purpose. Here’s how to choose the right lead for the job. Pear lead The real all-rounders of the lead world, these rotund weights are well-suited to a wide variety of angling situations.Because they share the same aerodynamic qualities as a balloon, ...

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  • 02 April 2015

The flatbed Method feeder explained

To get the best out of the flatbed feeder you need to nail the basics. Rob Wootton answers questions on the 10 areas many anglers struggle with. Since it first burst on to the scene in the 1990s the flatbed Method feeder has swiftly evolved into the ultimate carp-catching device on commercial venues.Fishing a hookbait tucked in the middle of ...

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  • 01 April 2015

How to fish a big reservoir

Britain has dozens of big reservoirs brimming with angling surprises. Lee Kerry tests the water at one such venue using simple feeder and pole tactics.We meet up with Lee Kerry at South Yorkshire’s Damflask Reservoir, where the England international puts together a big bag of prime silvers from the stunning day-ticket venue. The UK is home to dozens of huge, ...

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  • 01 April 2015

How to find fish in winter

Look for features From the bank, waters might look identical but there are underwater features on all venues that make them attractive to fish in cold weather. Find these features and you’re half way to catching. Islands In summer, fishing to an island can be an absolute winner. In winter, they can be a mixed blessing. The shallow margin areas ...

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  • 06 December 2014

Understanding catch and release

The fish you catch are perfectly adapted to living in an aquatic environment, so the second they leave the water you are responsible for their continued well-being. To ensure a fish’s safe return and recovery we need to be aware of what changes occur when we take it out of water. In this month’s Waterlife I’ll detail what happens when ...

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  • 10 November 2014

Understanding a fish's taste

The next time you hook a bait remember one thing – the fish you’re trying to catch will probably be able to taste the metal it’s made from! To help you understand this amazing ability, in this feature I’m explaining all about a fish’s sense of taste…   How fish taste Some people find it difficult to separate the senses of ...

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  • 02 November 2014

Understanding a fish's hearing

Fisheries scientist Dr Mark Burdass has a warning for you – fish might not have ears that you can see but they can hear almost every noise you make. So tread lightly... MOST anglers are aware that fish can pick up vibrations because they have both ears and a lateral line which can pick up any disturbance. The problem for ...

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  • 19 October 2014


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