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Guide to choosing the right feeder

With so many feeders available to fishermen, selecting the correct type of swimfeeder to use can be tricky. You may think that clipping any old feeder onto your Paternoster link or onto your free-running swivel will work for you - but the truth is it's often not that simple. The reason why there are so many different types of swim ...

  • Advice
  • 08 March 2010

Guide to float fishing shotting patterns

What’s a ‘shotting pattern’ and why can the correct pattern mean the difference between bagging a netful of fish and blanking? Here’s our quick guide to stick float, waggler and pole float fishing shotting patterns...   SHOTTING pattern is merely the order in which you attach the weights (split shot or styls) on to your line to cock your float and help ...

  • Advice
  • 01 March 2010

Guide to float feeder and pole fishing hooklengths

Although your hooklength is the weakest point of your fishing rig, it's one of the most crucial parts. How long should it be, how do you attach it and which line should you use? We have the answers...   WHAT IS A HOOKLENGTH? A hooklength – also referred to as a ‘bottom’ – is a length of line that is nearly always thinner ...

  • Advice
  • 25 February 2010

Buying a new fishing pole

Thinking of buying a new fishing pole? Have you found a great deal on a fishing pole, but aren’t sure whether it’s the right one for you? Well here are lots of tips to help you decide which pole you should buy. We think buying a pole the right pole is quite tough because they all look the same, apart ...

  • Advice
  • 27 January 2010

Unusual fishing baits found on supermarket shelves

We’ve all used supermarket baits at some time or another, be it sweetcorn, luncheon meat, bread, mackerel or dog biscuits, but there are loads of other baits on those shelves that will catch plenty of fish. Variations on a similar theme seem to produce the most fish. Take luncheon meat as an example. We’ve all used that at some time ...

  • Advice
  • 27 November 2009

How to present buoyant artificial baits pop-up style

Most artificial rubber or plastic sweetcorn grains, maggots, casters, pellets and the like float and that gives anglers a challenge when it comes to presenting them correctly. Such artificial baits like bread and dog biscuits don’t pose so much of a problem as they are designed to be fished on the surface anyway, so you don’t have to make great ...

  • Advice
  • 27 November 2009

Why do fake plastic baits still catch fish?

It seems baffling that any fish in its right mind would ever be caught on a fake plastic bait, but the fact of the matter is they do, and many thousands of huge fish are caught each year on artificial fishing baits. For hundreds of years pike anglers have been catching their quarry using fake baits, either spinners, spoons or ...

  • Advice
  • 27 November 2009

Guide to stick floats for river fishing

CATCHING fish on a stick float is one of the most thrilling forms of river fishing, with roach, dace, chub and barbel the main target species. There are numerous types of stick float on the market made from different materials and with different-shaped sight tips. However, all are designed to be attached ‘top and bottom’ with silicone rubber and are ‘trotted’ through ...

  • Advice
  • 10 November 2009

Particles, seeds and pulses – great fishing baits for big fish

Particles, pulses and seeds are excellent baits to attract bigger fish. They are a little specialised and often don’t bring instant success, but if you are considering a fairly long-term baiting campaign, or are planning a weekend session they could provide you with great results.   Preparing particles, seeds and pulses It cannot be stressed strongly enough that almost all ...

  • Advice
  • 30 January 2009

Hemp seed and tares – great for barbel and roach fishing

What is hemp seed? You may have read about hemp, often referred to in old books as ‘the demon seed’. It was for a long time extremely controversial and banned on a lot of waters but in recent times, anglers have come to see hemp for what it is – a deadly coarse fish catcher. Hempseed is the seed of ...

  • Advice
  • 29 January 2009


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