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How surf beaches work and catch more fish

Few sea angling venues can better the surf beach for atmosphere and heart-thumping angling excitement, with the noise of the pounding waves stimulating the basic angling instinct. But what’s going on underwater and where are the bass feeding? Surf is synonymous with bass, and most anglers are in agreement that fishing for this exciting and sporting species really takes some ...

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  • 01 December 2011

Collecting, digging and fishing with ragworms

Ragworms come from a large family of phylum annelids, many of which are polychaetes, or bristle worms. Now you know that let’s identify the ones that are important to sea anglers. Here we are going to focus our attention on red ragworms, as opposed to the whites and others that anglers will come across. Biggest worm in the range is ...

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  • 14 November 2011

Good body rotation can improve beach casting

We have looked at the background mechanics of body rotation and torque, says John Holden. These are the exercises that let you feel the winding and unwinding process without the distraction of a rod. They highlight what happens naturally when the body rotates backward, then uncoils forward to the cast’s launch point and beyond. Run through the exercises until you ...

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  • 08 September 2011

21 tips to make you a better beach angler

Effective fishing is all about knowing what you are doing. Here our beach coach John Holden pulls 21 great fishing tips out of the bag that could make you a happier and more efficient beach fisherman…   Where to set up On an average beach, set up camp above the high water line so that you do not need to ...

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  • 08 August 2011

Mike Ladle explains how to catch bass on surface lures

Are you a visual sort of angler? Do you like to see your bass crash into your surface lure before you feel the weight of the fish? It’s the way Dr Mike Ladle likes to do things – and here he explains why I often fish for carp and pike and I enjoy both immensely because my favourite approaches are ...

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  • 30 June 2011

The best way to fish a sea wall or pier

You have all seen them. They stand on the pier or sea wall and cast for the horizon. Daft really, says Alan Yates, when the fish are feeding close to the wall. Here’s how to do it   THERE’S A BIG secret to fishing successfully down the wall of a pier, jetty or rock face and I am giving it ...

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  • 16 June 2011

Beach fishing for cod off the Holderness coast

"You're looking at cod, rays, whiting, flounders, pouting, dogfish and a few bass," local match angler George Smith confirms. "We get a good run of spring cod every year but the fish vary in weight, plus there's the odd scattering of dogfish too."All of them biding their time... According to Hull University's Geography Department, few coastlines anywhere on the planet ...

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  • 04 May 2011

How to float fish from the rocks

WHEN YOU REALLY want to learn something, talk to people in the know. I don't mean those who have giant egos, but anglers who don't court publicity and don’t make a fuss. Cornishman Dave Dunstan is an angler from the no-fuss mould, who fishes the stunning peninsular riddled with masses of hidden rock, estuary and beach marks where the county's ...

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  • 04 May 2011

A beginner's guide to uptide fishing

To fish effectively with boatcasting tackle you have to be aware of the uptiding rules, which are based on water depth and speed of the tide. Expert uptider, Dave Lewis explains the principles   UPTIDING is easy, isn’t it? You tie a spiked lead to the end of the line, attach a trace and sling it in the water. You ...

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  • 21 April 2011

Alan Yates explains all about fishing with fixed spool reels

Fixed-spools are the angling favourite around the world, which is why there are so many makes and models. They differ in size, line capacity and quality and you must choose one that is fit for the purpose for the fishing you intend doing.Different sized reels are required for beach casting, estuary and lure fishing, but your final choice is based ...

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  • 03 March 2011


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