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Fantastic 15lb 12oz blonde ray caught off Barry rock

Welsh shore angler Dean Booker from the Vale of Glamorgan has a passion for catching big rays, and he’s seen here with a tidy 15lb 12oz blonde that he caught from a Barry rock mark on a clipped-down double sandeel bait fished at long range. Fishing with him was his pal Leon Thomas, who had an even bigger blonde weighing ...

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  • 24 May 2011

Dream realised after catching 19lb 4oz blonde ray from shore

Being diagnosed with terminal cancer hasn’t stopped shore angler Nathan Jubb of Bristol from fishing as often as he can, and he realised a dream this week when he caught this 19lb 14oz blonde ray from a mark at Ladye Bay. The female fish turned up out of the blue as the tide began to slow towards high water.The ray, ...

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  • 03 May 2011

24lb blonde ray taken off Kent coast

Dave Morris got fair warning that this 24lb blonde ray was about to take his bait when he fished a mark two miles off the Kent coast. After receiving three hefty taps on his rod-tip, the 66-year-old retired shopfitter from Rainham in Kent lifted his rod, only for it to arch back down to the boat’s gunnels as the fish ...

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  • 17 March 2011

Huge blonde ray caught off Bossington beach

Blackdown SAC member, Andy Bowrah celebrated when he reeled in this 16lb 1oz super-size blonde ray while fishing from Bossington beach, near Minehead, Somerset. “The specimen size for the species in this area is 10lb so you can imagine how I felt when I saw the size of the fish in the surf,” said an elated Andy, who used a ...

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  • 08 February 2011

How to catch more bass and rays with Sea Angler

Now's the time to target those bass and rays from the shore - and Sea Angler shows you just how to do it. In the very latest edition, on sale now at all good newsagents, you'll learn masses of new and exciting tips to help you land lots more rays and bass from your local mark. There's a huge 16-page ...

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  • 01 July 2010

Witches Point produces superb 16lb 10oz blonde ray

Leon Smith from Risca, Newport, South Wales, caught this fine 16lb 10oz blonde ray on fish bait at one of the most famous ray marks along the coast - Witches Point. Leon, 36, said: "I started fishing with my mate Chris Powell two hours before low water so we could get the best spot. Two other anglers were just leaving, ...

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  • 17 June 2010


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