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A great time was had by all at the first Gofishing Forum fish-in at Larford Lakes

Yesterday, 8th July 2010, a group of avid Gofishing Forum members descended upon Larford Lakes commercial carp fishery in Worcestershire to not only put faces to usernames, but also to enjoy the warm British weather, catch as many fish as possible and enjoy a day of good-humoured banter, organised by Jack244 – a long-standing member of the Gofishing Forum. After many handshakes ...

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  • 09 July 2010

50 great river stretches to try on opening day

With the rivers fishable again on June 16th, we delve into the crystal ball to predict where the vast majority of fish will be caught... Here we've broken down our list into the main river species and provided a brief guide to the best rivers to catch them so early in the season. If it's anything like previous new river ...

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  • 14 June 2010

How to fish the waggler in winter

Watch Will Raison as he shows how to fish a waggler in winter. In this helpful video ex-World Champion Will Raison shows you how to set up a waggler rig for tackling a mixed special commercial carp fishery in winter. Scaling down is key to keeping the bites coming when it's cold, and here Will clearly shows what he does ...

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  • 20 October 2009

Shore Terminal Rigs: Basic Rig Making Tools

  The basic rig making tools Simplicity is the secret of most terminal rigs, and the basic tools required to construct your own rigs are few and uncomplicated.   Line clippers The most essential tool of the rig maker, a pair of nail clippers, ensures that all knots are trimmed close. Hooks and swivels that sprout a long tag of ...

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  • 10 June 2008

Shore Terminal Rigs

A fundamental principle of the terminal rig is that it should follow a proven design which prevents it from tangling during fishing. It should include a link for attaching the lead and a clip or swivel to link it to the main line. The most successful and popular design of rig for shore angling is the monofilament paternoster. This involves ...

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  • 10 June 2008

How to tie the uptide pennell rig

Pennell rigs are ideal for catching cod simply because this species has extra-large mouths. A The two-hooks are ideal for mounting whole squid, crabs etc. Whichever way the fish takes the bait, you are almost guaranteed a hook-up. Use a strip of silicone tubing to lock-on and adjust the uppermost hook. B Remember to use a very strong swivel and ...

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  • 11 December 2007


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