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Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending November 21st, 2014

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Trout Fisherman,
21 November 2014 15:05

Cwm Hedd Lakes, GwentWith some money still to come in, Cwm Hedd’s ‘Poppy fish’ raised a fantastic £1248 in support of the British Legion. More than 30 anglers took part and the winner was Matthew Russell, first back to the lodge with his three fish for 9.58lb, taken on an Orange Blob. He collected £100, a glass trophy donated by ...

Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending November 21st, 2014

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Trout Fisherman, 21 November 2014 15:03

Forbes of Kingennie, TaysideA huge amount of rain last week caused a wee bit of flooding that has since gone down, and all the ponds coloured up. Even with all the dirty water the fishing has been surprisingly good with a run of big fish coming from all the ponds. The Burnside produced three big fish starting off with Gilbert ...

England Troutmasters reports for week-ending November 21st, 2014

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Trout Fisherman, 21 November 2014 15:00

Bellbrook Trout Fishery, Devon A quiet week with the weather putting off all but the most determined. The rain saw some of the lakes colour up although they were able to keep dirty water out of the specimen lake, which remained fairly clear. Some good catches reported on all the lakes. Robin Linton, of Sidmouth, caught his bag of five ...

Britain's biggest carp caught twice in less than 48 hours

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Angling Times, 21 November 2014 10:48

The biggest living carp in the country has been caught twice in less than two days.The Parrot, which inhabits Cranwells on the Wasing Park estate in Berkshire, first fell to the rods of bailiff Mike Brampton at a weight of 64lb 6oz. Just 44 hours later it was in the net of Bernie Loftus at a new top weight of ...

Anglers lose count of 2lb-plus perch at Blithfield Reservoir

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Angling Times, 21 November 2014 10:39

“It was some of the best perch fishing I’ve ever experienced, but is still just the tip of the iceberg.” These are the words of well-known specimen hunter Gary Knowles who was one of the lucky anglers to take part in the first ever perch trials at Blithfield Reservoir which saw over 900 fish landed. Eight boats, each carrying two anglers, ...

18lb 6oz barbel is a record on the River Dove

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Angling Times, 21 November 2014 10:33

The seemingly endless run of huge barbel from rivers nation-wide has continued this week with a series of personal best fish hitting the bank topped by new River Dove record of 18lb 6oz.Jim Ufton landed the specimen, which beat his old pb of 17lb 6oz and upped the venue best by 2oz, during a short evening session on the waterway.The ...

Solar anglers banks 115 Rainbow carp

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Angling Times, 20 November 2014 11:49

Another work team to enjoy a successful trip to France was a group of Solar Tackle anglers who netted 115 carp from Rainbow Lake.The big haul was dominated by Alijn Danau, who caught 69 fish from The Island swim up to 62lb. In all, 19 of his fish weighed more than 44lb.The biggest fish of trip, known as Briggsy’s Fish, ...

New venue record for historic Crayfish Pool

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Angling Times, 20 November 2014 09:47

Historic Crayfish Pool has produced its biggest-ever fish in the shape of this 39lb 12oz mirror.The three-acre water on the revamped RK Leisure Horton Complex has been fished by angling greats such as Rod Hutchinson, Chris Ball and Ritchie McDonald over the years.Captor Mike Broomfield has enjoyed a successful season on the lake, banking 18 different fish and six different ...

Spomb inventor bags a best 52lb 8oz mirror

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Angling Times, 20 November 2014 09:44

The man behind the Spomb has achieved a new personal best with this 52lb 8oz mirror.Bryan Broughton, who invented the popular bait rocket that takes its name from a mixture of spod and bomb, caught the fish after setting up in heavy rain after dark at a syndicate water in Essex.Bryan used Mainline boilies and tamed the big mirror on ...

First forty joy at Brasenose Two

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Angling Times, 20 November 2014 09:41

A day-ticket water famed for its multiple catches of doubles and twenties has produced its first 40-pounder.Brasenose Two on the Linear Fisheries site in Oxfordshire threw up the mirror at exactly 40lb to Edd Pearson as part of a seven-fish haul.The Leicestershire angler, who was fishing with two friends, said: “It’s my new pb and an experience that will stay ...


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