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Big tench haul from stillwater

The tench fishing season started early for Nigel Peers when he slipped the net under five big tench topped by this 7lb 4oz fish.The South- East based builder netted all his fish using a legered 15mm popped-up boilie which he cast tight to some snags at an unknown stillwater. Nigel started his session at dawn and successfully attracted the fish into ...

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  • 17 April 2015

Pop-up baits vs. Bottom baits

Fishing is all about the choices you make. There are many variables, but in carping one of the key decisions is whether to present your hookbait on the bottom or just above it.Pop-up baits: Bottom baits: POP-UP BAITS PRESENTATIONAll rigs can tangle or get caught on detritus as the lead plummets through the water, but the buoyancy of a pop-up ...

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  • 02 April 2015

How to catch roach from commercial fisheries

The two deep lakes of Fields End Water are teeming with carp, and for much of the year they are targeted with pellet wagglers and feeders by the fair-weather angling brigade.But when it’s cold the lethargic state of the bigger fish gives other species a look-in, in the shape of some fantastic sport with roach… big roach. Largely ignored and untouched, ...

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  • 26 March 2015

What baits to use when Method feeder fishing

After a long winter of polefishing for F1s it was refreshing to dig my rods out again and spend some time fishing the Method feeder.Over the past few weeks I’ve managed several Method sessions with varying degrees of success, winning one of the matches I fished, and blanking on the next trip!That aside, I love this tactic as I enjoy ...

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  • 26 March 2015

Gallery: The Big One Show 2015

The clue is in the name. The largest fishing show in Britain - The Big One - threw open its doors to an estimated 17,000 anglers at the weekend in a two-day fishing tackle extravaganza.For many visitors this was the once-in-a-season opportunity to see all the year's new kit for themselves, attend instructional seminars, meet the stars of the angling ...

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  • 23 March 2015

How to fish single hookbaits in matches

Having the confidence to cast out a single hookbait with no loosefeed relies solely on your complete trust in the bait you’re using.After all, more often than not you might only be casting once every 30mins, so using the wrong bait for one cast can be very costly.So how do you choose the right hookbait? There are lots of things ...

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  • 11 March 2015

How to choose the right hook pattern

Selecting the right choice and size of hook pattern is the most important part of any set-up as getting this wrong can make or break a match, or lose you that fish of a lifetime.I’ve spent many hours on the bank in practice sessions, trying out different patterns of hook to work out what’s best. Over the years, I’ve probably ...

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  • 11 March 2015

How to add 30 yards to your cast

Since setting up and managing the England feeder team I’ve learnt crucial lessons which have made a huge difference to the way I cast in order to achieve distance and accuracy.Just as well... after fishing Irish festivals for the first time in ages last year, and with rumours of a Feeder World Championships where we’d have to cast 100-plus yards ...

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  • 11 March 2015

How to catch on the waggler in the cold

One big problem among anglers on commercials in winter is not striking at every movement of the float.Perhaps this stems from childhood, when we’re taught to wait for the float tip to disappear completely before striking, but all I know is that on a cold day on a commercial fishery there are times when you’ll freeze to death before that ...

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  • 11 March 2015

Monster crucian carp - biggest ever on film

A record-shaking crucian carp has been discovered at a day-ticket fishery not previously known for its stock of the species.The enormous specimen, weighing 4lb 7oz, is just two ounces short of the UK record and was found during a routine netting operation on Shropshire’s Blakemere Leisure which is a popular specimen carp fishing venue.It’s a discovery that came about when venue ...

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  • 23 February 2015


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