Maver 301 competition pole

Submitted on: 17 June 2008 by geoffhayter

Price paid: £1,000

The most disappointing piece of fishing tackle that I have ever bought. Whilst the pole is stiff and light, it appears that this is at the expense of strength. In 14 months i have suffered three broken number four sections and a broken number six. A friend who bought one at the same time has suffered a broken number six and two broken number fours. A total of £650 worth of kit. And before you ask, no we have not being pulling branches off trees or towing cars with them. Three sections have gone when lifting into a bite. I can no longer trust the pole to deal with carp fishing and have bought another cheaper but stronger pole. These poles got great reviews but they clearly do not do what it says on the label. I would add that Maver's customer service is a shambles compared to Daiwa, Shimano etc. Replacement parts take an age (waiting six weeks for the six section) and you cannot deal with them direct. In all I would not buy or recommend another Maver pole to anyone. I always read with interest the tackle reviews in the Angling Times and generally most products get a good review. It would be interesting to go back some time later to see if products live up to all the hype. In this instance Maver failed miserably.