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Got something to say?

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Mar 11

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Hi Guys,

Just looking for some general advice re Canal fishing.

I have been waggler fishing on various stretches of the Union Canal in and around Edinburgh, targeting Roach...or whatever else willing to take my bait.

Was at a particular spot last night, cast my plummet to the far back and dragged it back to try and identify where there was a break in the weed, fished the middle of the canal on the bottom with a single artificial red maggot (due to work and only having time to get out in the evenings i cant get live maggots) threw various balls of Groundbait, handfulls of hemp.

There were obvious signs of fish in and around the float, but couldn't touch any of them, adjusted the depth constantly, still nothing.

Where am I going wrong!!!

Hooklenght is size 18 on light breaking strain (what i use at Magiscroft) I have never failed to catch at the fishery.

Have thought about the possibility of baiting the swim the night before, my main concern is the heavy weed, im not overly convinced my hookbait isn't buried in the stuff.

Id also add that i have not done alot of this style of fishing, my fishing career has primarily been fly fishing on rivers and stillwaters for trout and then many years Piking.

Any help would be much appreciated,

Thanks Guys.

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Aug 09

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Stillearning says:


Since returnig to fishing after a break, I am not having a lot of success myself on the canals, and I have tried several spots and all different types of baits and methods, all I see is the odd bream and occassionaly a few small roach. I have put it down to the weather, and the time of year, and of course, the possibility that I just ain't that good. Although before I gave up a few years back, I regularly caught really good mixed bags and some nice specimens.... not sure whats going on mate but I do empathise with you.

There is no such thing as a blank day

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