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Anglers rally to rescue shop after break-in

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Angling Times,
29 July 2015 06:00

It’s your chance to join the fight to save a tackle shop that was on the brink of closure after being wiped out by thieves. Alan Stephens, owner of Alcester Sports and Tackle, was left heart-broken when his livelihood vanished overnight. Over £40,000 worth of poles, seatboxes, rods and reels were taken during the recent break-in at the Warwickshire business. ...

90lb carp haul... in two fish!

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Angling Times, 29 July 2015 06:00

Karl Pitcher watched in awe as this 50lb 4oz mirror carp muscled through the weed and dropped on to his hookbait during a session which yielded two fish for nearly 90lb. The Fox and CC Moore-backed angler made the most of a 48-hour session at his Cambridgeshire syndicate water to land the fifty known as Harris before catching a 37-pounder known ...

When the ball of weed came free...

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Angling Times, 28 July 2015 10:53

Coming in covered in a ball of weed, it wasn’t until this common carp was on the unhooking mat that Tim Rowland realised how beautiful it was. The 34lb 8oz fish fell during a weekend session on Christchurch at Oxfordshire’s busy Linch Hill complex. The 35-year-old had a quiet Saturday, but the lake switched on when cloud rolled in on Sunday. ...

Is 19lb River Trent barbel now the UK's biggest?

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Angling Times, 28 July 2015 06:00

The River Trent yet again proved why it’s one of the UK’S premier big barbel venues when John Parker banked what could now be the biggest barbel in the country. Tipping the scales at 19lb, the superb specimen came from John’s favourite stretch of the River Trent and smashed his personal best. The landscape gardener used a basic leger rig ...

Cornish 30lb carp banked after a two-year break

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Angling Times, 27 July 2015 12:23

A Cornish 30-pounder is an impressive fish, and this elusive mirror carp was even more special for Ashley Bunning. The powerfully built fish, known as Arnie, had not been caught for two years before it picked up the Gloucestershire-based angler’s bait at Porth Reservoir near Newquay. Ashley, who is originally from Devon, said: “After walking round the lake and finding ...

Chuck it and chance it for a 54lb carp

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Angling Times, 27 July 2015 12:10

We’ve all lobbed our rigs out at short range while getting properly set up – but few will have ever landed a 54lb carp as a result. That is exactly what happened to Corey Moore as he connected with one of the largest day-ticket carp in the country just moments after moving swims at Swan Lake on the Bluebell complex ...

Long slog ends with five 2lb rudd

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Angling Times, 27 July 2015 10:39

Hours of walking to find an elusive big rudd finally paid off for Gary Knowles when he banked this stunning 2lb 7oz fish from a river in the Eastern Counties. The Korum-backed rod made the exhausting journey from his Cheshire base and hiked along the bank to search for signs of feeding fish. Having walked several miles without any indications, ...

Shock 94lb UK river catfish banked on 12lb line

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Angling Times, 27 July 2015 10:17

A barbel fishing session has produced one of the biggest surprise specimens of another species ever from a UK river – a monster catfish weighing 94lb. It was caught by big-fish specialist Neil Bridges during a session on the River Severn in Worcestershire. Remarkably, the giant predator was landed using just 12lb mainline and a size 10 hook. The 45-year-old ...

Impressive haul topped by a 10lb 8oz tench

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Angling Times, 26 July 2015 06:00

This 10lb 8oz specimen topped an impressive haul of big tench for Darran Goulder. He kicked off his 48-hour session at a southern stillwater with the introduction of two gallons of Dynamite Baits mixed particles, 2kg of pellets and a gallon of red maggots. It was a tactic that certainly paid off for the Shimano-backed specialist from Kent, as he ...

Clubs aim to bring hundreds to the bank for matches

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Angling Times, 25 July 2015 06:00

The sight of hundreds of matchmen lining a river bank every weekend could soon become a regular occurrence on UK waterways thanks to a new initiative being piloted by a group of angling clubs. In a bid to rekindle the glory days of big competitions held on natural venues, a number of angling clubs in the South West have joined ...


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