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New personal best with 71lb catfish

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Angling Times,
17 April 2014 17:02

The warmer weather has definitely brought the big catfish on the feed – as proved by Simon Clarke with this personal best fish of 71lb.A deadbait presented in the margins at Yateley Split Lake, which is part of the famous Yateley West Fishery in Hampshire, did the trick for the managing director of Surrey-based catfishing tackle specialists Cat Pro.He beat ...

String of tench to 8lb 3oz from Bawburgh

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Angling Times, 17 April 2014 17:00

Nathan Long has got his tench campaign on the Bawburgh Lakes complex off to a flying start landing a string of fish to a best of 8lb 3oz.His first 48 hour session produced a brace of ‘sevens’ weighing 7lb 14oz and 7lb 10oz, and he then returned a few days later to take a male of 7lb 7oz and the ...

F1's On The Feed At Hull's Westland Lakes

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Angling Times, 17 April 2014 16:33

The F1’s have been on the feed at Westland’s Lakes and anglers have been cashing in with bags over 50lb from the complex’s Little Tench and Island Ponds. However, visitors have also been enjoying some cracking sport on the other five day-ticket lakes with big bream and big tench starting to feature on the Tench Pool. On the 25-peg Little ...

Brace of perch personal bests for schoolboy

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Angling Times, 17 April 2014 11:15

A short session on a northern stillwater produced a brace of personal best perch for James Johnson – this 3lb 4oz specimen the highlight.The Doncaster-based schoolboy arrived at the venue with his dad, Danny, just a couple of hours before last light and cast out two rods, one with a legered lobworm and the other with a waggler using the ...

15lb bream is a four-year best for Ted Bryan

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Angling Times, 14 April 2014 09:59

Ted Bryan has continued his impressive run of form, landing his biggest bream for four years in the form of this 15lb 12oz specimen from a tough southern stillwater.Following hot on the heels of a nine-fish haul topped by a slab of 12lb 12oz just a couple of weeks earlier, the Nash-backed specialist located a deep area and put out ...

World record perch

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Angling Times, 14 April 2014 09:49

The recent spate of huge perch captured from UK venues was surpassed last week with the landing of two World record specimens from European waters.The pair of fish, one of 6lb 10oz caught by Dutch lure ace Willem Stolk and the other weighing 6lb 8oz caught by Russian angler Mikhail Poliakov, highlight the ever increasing size of the species. Both ...

Biggest tench of the year at 12lb 6oz

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Angling Times, 14 April 2014 09:33

The capture of the year’s biggest tench – a specimen weighing 12lb 6oz - has led to experts predicting that some of the sport’s longest-standing records could be broken this year.Following one of the mildest winters on record, fisheries scientists are now urging the nation’s anglers to ‘get out there and target big fish’, as many believe that species such ...

Huge stingray caught in Thailand

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Angling Times, 11 April 2014 15:30

This giant stingray was landed from Gilhams resort in Thailand by Spanish angler Javier Calvo.The huge specimen, which was given an estimated weight of between 600lb-700lb, was caught from the River Meaklong at Amphawa, in an area renowned for the species, with numerous 200lb-plus captures made by visiting anglers every month.Javier used a Penn boat class rod and reel loaded ...

Worm lures big canal perch

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Angling Times, 11 April 2014 15:25

A quick session before work saw Steve Phillips catch this 4lb 1oz personal best perch from the Grand Union Canal.The Warwickshire-based angling journalist started off using small soft plastic lures but was forced to switch tactics with no bites coming to the artificial baits.He said: “I changed to a dropshot style set-up with a dendrobaena worm on the hook, and ...

World record Chao Phraya catfish for UK angler

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Angling Times, 11 April 2014 15:22

This world record 146lb 8oz Chaophraya catfish has been caught from Thailand by UK angler Gavin Clarke.The specimen took over an hour to land during a guided trip with Fishing Adventures Thailand’s Jean-Francois Helias after the Reading-based rod fooled it with a live tilapia hookbait. The fish was released unharmed rather than ‘risking its life’ by putting it through the ...


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