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Mark Boyd on spinning for summer chub

The only thing greater than a chub’s inborn shyness, is their legendary greed.Over the years, they have been caught on just about every bait you could conceivably think of. Thinking anglers have used everything from worms, maggots, bread and pellets through to slugs, raw steak and even livebaits.It is the latter – using fish-type baits – which Mark Boyd has ...

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  • 10 July 2012

How to catch barbel, chub and other fish from flooded rivers

As the first storms of autumn and winter roll in Martin Bowler prepares you for the floods... THIS is the time of year when the skies will blacken, Atlantic storms will rush in and the nation’s rivers are likely to come into their first cold weather floods. There is no doubt that, weatherwise, 2007 has already been an unusual year. ...

  • Advice
  • 25 October 2010

Catching chub and barbel from weirpools

True anglers are always drawn to the sound, sight and smell of weirpools. The temptation to peer into the white, rumbling water and wonder which species might live in such torrents is too hard to resist. Unless you cast a baited hook into the fierce water you’ll never know what lurks beneath, but it takes courage and confidence to do ...

  • Advice
  • 31 August 2010

FREE spool of Ultima line worth £3.95 with your new issue of Improve Your Coarse Fishing – in the shops from June 15th

BREAM that think they’re carp, the ultimate barbel rig, a celebration of the start of the river season and a FREE spool of Ultima line worth £3.95 are highlights of the new Improve Your Coarse Fishing. Out on June 15 it’s packed with expert advice to help you catch more fish right now, here is a taster of what’s in ...

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  • 14 June 2011

Essential guide to pike fishing

As winter arrives and prey fish shoal up, pike go on the prowl. Even if you’ve never fished for them Matt Hayes has the advice you’ll need to enjoy a winter of great predator sport. This is the best time of the year for pike, don’t miss it... TALES of monster pike are etched in the annals of angling history. ...

  • Advice
  • 17 December 2010

Choose the right venue, species and swim to suit the winter conditions

WATER TEMPERATURE A rapid fall in water temperature is the worst scenario for winter fishing. Fish hate rapid temperature change and, when a sudden cold snap kicks in, most species tend to go right off the feed. Improve Your Coarse Fishing’s columnist and top fishery scientist Dr Mark Burdass says: “When water temperature falls below 4ºC most of our coarse ...

  • Advice
  • 06 December 2010

How to target different species of fish from a weir pool

CASCADING white water and swirling flows can make weir pools intimidating places for anglers. However, one of the all-time golden rules about fishing is that features mean fish. So any fisherman willing to take on the challenge of a raging weir pool can expect success. From barbel to pike, virtually every species has a home here, it’s just a matter ...

  • Advice
  • 01 November 2010

Keep catching carp from commercials in the cold winter months

Temperatures are dropping, the water’s getting cold and the fish are getting lethargic, but you shouldn’t. Even if there’s ice in the margins of your local commercial water you will still catch, but only if you fish intelligently and accurately. Some anglers will tell you to avoid stillwaters when it’s cold, claiming that it’s best to tackle flowing water, but ...

  • Advice
  • 05 October 2010

Catching silver fish shallow using the strangest pole fishing rig ever

John Weeden’s silverfish pole fishing tactics and the pole fishing rigs he uses really are bizarre! Incorporating a rig with a three-foot pole ‘float’, the Maver match ace regularly takes roach bags well in excess of 30lb. Crude-looking, highly unconventional, downright strange, but devilishly effective when it comes to catching rudd and roach, John’s three-foot float rig is actually a ...

  • Advice
  • 24 September 2010

How barbel feed and react to bait underwater

Stuart Walker and Bob Roberst have travelled half way round the world chasing big fish. From the Cauvery river in southern India to the Nepalese border in the Himalayas; from the Nubian desert to the Canadian Rockies, they’ve chased fish and shared untold adventures. Here's their story concentrating on the life of river barbel, told by Bob Roberts It was on one ...

  • Advice
  • 21 September 2010


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