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Guide to float fishing shotting patterns

What’s a ‘shotting pattern’ and why can the correct pattern mean the difference between bagging a netful of fish and blanking? Here’s our quick guide to stick float, waggler and pole float fishing shotting patterns...   SHOTTING pattern is merely the order in which you attach the weights (split shot or styls) on to your line to cock your float and help ...

  • Advice
  • 01 March 2010

In-line Method feeder rig for carp, bream and tench

The Method feeder is a devastating item of tackle for the commercial carp angler as it not only attracts fish to the swim, but it’s easy to use and easy to catch fish with!To create this rig you’ll need to thread an in-line Method feeder upon your strong mainline – between 8lb and 12lb is ideal. Next thread a small ...

  • Rigs
  • Feeder rigs
  • 28 May 2008

How to tie a Zig rig to catch carp mid-water

The zig-rig is a devastating rig for catching carp when they are feeding high in the water, in mid-water and feeding right on the surface. It works around the same principle as a standard semi-fixed bolt rig – the only difference is the length of the hooklength. The lead set-up is very simple. Here it comprises a large swivel lead attached ...

  • Rigs
  • Carp rigs
  • 11 July 2011

Fishing for mackerel - three great methods

Mackerel are more than baitfish or a summer holiday pastime. Caught on the right tackle they can be real fun to catch. Alan Yates opens up the options for catching mackerel - a very popular sea species…   Mackerel get a lot of bad press. ‘Proper’ anglers don’t want the stigma of catching them or being associated with lines of ...

  • Advice
  • 24 June 2010

How to tie a Chod rig for fishing silty venues

When fishing for carp over very silty lakes, it is essential to choose a set-up that ensures your rig will not get buried in the soft silt and ruin an otherwise good presentation. And the best rig for this is the Chod rig. It was specifically designed for just this sort of fishing. The chod has proved to be very ...

  • Rigs
  • Carp rigs
  • 03 September 2010

Steve Ringer's four top winter feeder and leger rigs

As the cold weather approaches I, like most match and pleasure anglers, will be spending a lot of time using feeder and leger rigs as I target winter carp on the commercials.With the fish shoaled up and sluggish they’re not going to give you fast bites or rip-around rod tops – and, unless you’ve drawn on a shedful, nor will ...

  • Advice
  • 23 November 2010

How to elasticate a pole from start to finish

A POLE needs elastic to cushion the fight from a battling fish. We’ve teamed up with tackle giants Maver and leading pole angler Jamie Masson to show how to turn the new pole you left the tackle shop with into one you can actually use. Jamie used the brilliant but affordable, entry-level Maver Competition 121 13m pole which sells for ...

  • Advice
  • 08 November 2011

Presenting expander pellets on the bottom with the pellet deck rig

This rig is ideal for presenting expander pellets on the bottom for carp, tench and bream. It can be used in depths of 3ft or more and when fished correctly it can tempt bites when all other pellet rigs fail. A Use a long, body-down pole float for this style of fishing. One having a long plastic bristle is perfect ...

  • Rigs
  • Pole rigs
  • 11 February 2011

How to tie Alan Scotthorne's Hooklength Knot

Here Alan Scotthorne reveals the knot that he uses to join a hooklength to his fishing mainline. It's a variation of the loop-to-loop method, but with a twist. It's easy to tie and incredibly strong... Alan Scotthorne was never really happy with using loop to loop knots for joining his mainline to his hooklength namely because it can potentially cause ...

  • Knots
  • Line to line knots
  • 17 December 2007

Know your flatfish species with our identification guide

The various flatfish found around our coastline are all very similar in shape and colour, so identifying them can sometimes prove difficult. Here we have a brief guide to what to look out for when figuring out which species of flatfish you have just caught... The major angling flatfish are plaice, dab, flounder, Dover sole, turbot and brill. Lemon sole ...

  • Advice
  • 08 October 2010


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