How to tie a conger rig

Beach rigs

14 October 2009 16:51

It is important to remember that conger eels have strong jaws and sharp teeth, so they will make short work of a normal hooklength. That means you need a strong hooklength and Malcolm suggests 150lb mono.

The actual rig is a simple running leger with the 150lb hooklength carrying a size 8/0 or 10/0 O’Shaughnessy pattern hook. The lead weight is clipped on a simple zip slider, which is threaded either directly on the reel’s mono mainline or on a mono leader tied to braid mainline. Make sure you place a bead either side of the swivel. The mainline and hooklength attach to a strong rolling swivel, so choose a quality brand with a breaking strain of at least 100lb.


You'll need size 8/0 or 10/0 hooks, strong swivels and zip sliders


1. Thread the end of your 150lb mono line through the eye of your hook and start the knot by taking the line four times around itself

2. Take the end of the line through the loop nearest the eye and then back through the large loop. Wet the line with saliva and begin to pull tight

3. Once you have teased the knot together, give it a good pull to make it tight and then trim off the tag end with nail clippers or a pair of scissors

4. Cut the your hooklength to about 18 inches and tie a 100lb test swivel on the end. Thread a bead, zip slider and bead on your mainline and tie to the swivel

5. It’s worth checking your knots are tight by attaching one end of the swivel to a hook and pulling the line at the other end. Then repeat for the other knot

6. Add the required plain lead weight to the zip slider and your conger rig is ready for action. All you need now is to attach your mackerel fl apper bait