How to tie the two-hook paternoster


Beach rigs

03 July 2009 08:30


Lead link
Size 1 swivel to top of the trace
Four crimps
Two size 3 swivels for attaching snoods
Four micro beads
Two size 1/0 to 3/0 Kamasan B940
60lb mono for trace body
25lb mono for hooklengths.


1. Tie the top swivel to the end of the trace body using a grinner knot

2. The rig body should be 36in long, but cut 42in to allow for the knot

3. Chamfer the end of the line with a blade

4. Slide on a crimp, bead, swivel, bead and crimp and repeat, then tie on the lead link

5. Fix the lower snood swivel at 5 or 6inches from the lead link

6. Fix the top snood swivel at 24in from the lead link

7. Tie a hooklength to each swivel

8. The top snood should be 10in long and bottom one 15in long