How to tie the uptide pennell rig


Sea rigs

11 December 2007 15:37

Pennell rigs are ideal for catching cod simply because this species has extra-large mouths.

A The two-hooks are ideal for mounting whole squid, crabs etc. Whichever way the fish takes the bait, you are almost guaranteed a hook-up. Use a strip of silicone tubing to lock-on and adjust the uppermost hook.

B Remember to use a very strong swivel and snap-link combination here.

C Strong knots are vital when catching big fish like cod, so use a reliable Grinner or even a Palomar knot.

D A 10in long sliding boom ensures that the snood does not come into contact with the lead.

E A seriously strong swivel attaches the breakout lead. These leads are essential for uptiding because they anchor your rig and bait.