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Cullernose Point sea fishing mark

Address: England
Phone number:
Directions Take the A1068 north from Ashington and, just past Alnmouth, turn right for Lesbury onto the B1339 heading for Longhoughton. Approx. half a mile past Longhoughton take the right fork, signposted Howick and follow the coast north towards Craster. Parking in the lay-bys
Season Winter, mackerel in summer
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Culler Nose Point

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A consistent mark, with the depth of water a big factor in attracting fish to the vicinity

Main Species
Coalfish, cod, ballan wrasse, pollack, mackerel

Recommended Baits:
Peeler crabs, lugworm, ragworm, mussels, squid

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Cullernose Point sea fishing mark


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codcatcher says

RE: Cullernose Point

afair walk when you park up, plus there have been alot of cars broken into in the layby. but good fishing is to be had at any time of the year.

17 December 2008 14:39

Sunday, 24 July 2016