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Hinkley Point sea fishing mark

Address: England
Phone number:
Directions Turn off the M5 at Junction 24 and take the Bridgwater road to Cannington. The road to the point is signposted down to the power station. Park in the visitors' car park and walk to the reefs
Season Winter for cod, whiting, dogfish, sole and pouting, other species in summer
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Hinkley Point Somerset

Average reviews rating is 2.5

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Ranked 10 of 10 facilties in ranked in Somerset

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rating is 1

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Venue information

A low water venue next to Hinckley Point power station, fishing is from broken ground

Main Species
Cod, whiting, dogfish, sole, pouting, bass, ray, conger, flatfish

Recommended Baits:
King ragworm, lugworm, squid, mackerel

Users' Overall Rating rating is 2.5 (1 review)

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    User's Overall Rating rating is 2.5

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    Staff helpfulnessrating is 1
    Facilitiesrating is 1
    Quality of fishingrating is 5
    Surroundingsrating is 3

    This is a low tide venue, fishable 3 hours down and two up, watch out for the tide creeping into the gullys behind you, although its not dangerous if your sensible. The locals fish two sections a hundred yards either side of the intake tower which is impossible to miss, the west section has a large prominent block with the remnants of a massive chain, the east section starts about 100yards to the right of the intake tower, after a further 100yards the ground slowly becomes rougher the closer you get to the outlet from the power station, again you cant miss it. Directly in front of the intake the ground is rough with high tackle loss to be expected. Great place for congers in the summer and codling in the winter. On the far west of the reef is a small sandy bay which seems to get beaten by the waves, would be great place to try for a bass. Hinkley security are no longer happy for you to use the visitors car park, i was told to park in a small layby just a few meters outside of the main gate, this isnt so bad though as your car is still covered by cctv and directly opposite is a stile which takes you to the east side of the reef via quite a walk so travel light, the path follows the boundry fence of the power station, if you enter an open field youve gone the wrong way although the path is fairly easy to follow, just keep the power station to your right.

    (Written by: ramblinjon )

    09 February 2008 17:12


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Hinkley Point sea fishing mark


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