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Barmouth Bridge Sea Fishing Mark

Address: Wales
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This is both a railway and footpath bridge over the Mawddach estuary, so only fish the footpath side. There is a toll payable for crossing. The best fishing is just past the metal arches on the Barmouth side. This puts you directly over a deep gully that runs underneath the bridge supports. The tide runs fast and the feeding spells are concentrated over low water for two hours and the hour either side of high water. Smaller neap tides are best.



Late spring and summer gives bass, flounder and eels. Bass and flounder are joined by dab, dogfish and whiting in autumn, with the best flounder after Christmas. May to September adds mullet and garfish. May and June can produce a few good plaice.



Top bass bait is a sandeel. Crabs and worms take the flatfish, eels and whiting. Garfish will occasionally take a small mackerel strip set under float tackle.



Use a stiff 4-10oz uptider with either a big fixed-spool reel or 9000-sized multiplier. Load with 30-35lb line and carry a few leads between 5-12oz. Heavy line is needed because you may need to handline a good bass up to your fishing station. Best rig is a one-hook flowing trace for bass; make it about 3ft long with 30lb line ending with a strong size 1/0 or 2/0 hook. For flatfish and whiting, switch the flowing rig to take two hooks, one off a secondary snood. Use tough Aberdeens in size 1 or 2.



Come off the A470 just past Dolgellau and take the left-hand turn on the A496 straight to Barmouth. As you approach the town you can see the bridge in front and to the left. Best to park in the car park on the promenade front and walk back to the bridge. There is a narrow footpath on the right that takes you to the bridge and is signposted.



Barmouth Angling, 1 Ael-YDon, Church St, Barmouth, tel: 01341 280480. Beachcaster, High St, Barmouth, tel: 01341 281537.


Users' Overall Rating rating is 3.5 (1 review)

  • BARMOUTH BRIDGE - superb bass fishing


    User's Overall Rating rating is 3.5

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    Staff helpfulnessrating is 3
    Facilitiesrating is 1
    Quality of fishingrating is 5
    Surroundingsrating is 5

    fished there in late April 2009, i used sand eel, not a touch..!, borrowed a peeler crab and elastic from the guy next to me and had a 8lb 5oz bass in 4 minutes, pretty hairy stuff lifting it 30 odd foot out of the water, but best bass i ever had, next day crab didn't work and sand eels caught 3 bass to 5 lb..!! Try and get live sand eels if possible, instant action, dead ones take a while to catch.. Tight lines

    (Written by: masterbaiter )

    07 July 2009 10:41


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Barmouth Bridge Sea Fishing Mark


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